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Yanet Valdes

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Yanet Valdes

Yanet Valdes

ER/ICU Technician


Yanet grew up around animals and interacted with them her entire life. She always found it easy to relate with them, but entering the veterinary field was truly accidental. In 2009, she started working at a veterinary practice in Lehigh Acres because they needed a bilingual employee. That kick-started her love for her career in veterinary medicine, and now she couldn’t imagine any other career path.
Yanet has experienced several distinct types of patient care, but her favorite is emergency medicine. Knowing that she can help to save lives of the patients that can’t speak for themselves is the most gratifying reward of all.
Yanet was born and raised in the small town of Manati, Cuba. She has been living in Lehigh Acres since 2009 with her four Yorkies and her 11-year-old son. She also enjoys gardening, reading and hiking.