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Sharon Torregrossa

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Sharon Torregrossa

Sharon Torregrossa

PR Manager


Sharon was born in Toledo, OH, and spent her younger years growing up in southern Michigan. But her parents moved her and her younger sister to Southwest Florida in 1985 where she graduated high school at North Fort Myers High School. She then obtained her associates degree from Edison State College, then her bachelor of science degree from Florida State University. But she returned to the Fort Myers area because this was truly home for her.
Sharon has lived in Southwest Florida for over 30 years now and has worked in the marketing/PR field for many years and in a variety of different industries. But the veterinary field is a completely different field for her. She is seeing the doctors, nurses and technicians taking such great care of the patients.
Sharon has three cats: Pumpkin, the “old man,” Linda, the “boss,” and Allie, the feral but sweet one of the group. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with friends and family and cooking for them. One of her favorite past-times is watching the Food Network and getting inspired to try new recipes for friends to try out!