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Melissa Rogers

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Melissa Rogers

Melissa Rogers

ER/ICU Technician


Melissa was born and raised right here in Fort Myers, FL. She always wanted to work in veterinary medicine. As early as 9 years old, she was shadowing veterinarians because she wanted to learn as much as she could. She was raised with dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and ducks. She was even in the 4-H club growing up.
Melissa joined the SVS team in 2013 but left for a brief period to work in human medicine. But her heart was always with the SVS team, so she decided to come back. She currently works in the ER/ICU department and enjoys the intensity of the ER. She loves learning new things daily and works with co-workers and doctors who have become amazing mentors and friends.
In her personal life, Melissa has a son, Joshua, who is the light of her life. She also has a Pitt bull pup named Choco who adopted her and her family from a local rescue. Melissa also attends school in hopes of becoming a radiology technologist with a specialty in CT scans. She is a part of the radiology team at SVS and enjoys putting to work what she learns in class. Melissa loves working at SVS because there are so many like-minded individuals who have the same moral and ethical beliefs.