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Emily Chitwood

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Emily Chitwood

Emily Chitwood

ER/ICU Technician


Originally from Glastonbury, CT, Emily and her husband moved to Fort Myers in 2013 to be closer to family and to escape those long, cold Connecticut winters.

When Emily was a little girl, she loved playing with her family pets and dreamed of herself working with animals when she became and adult.  She developed a passion for helping animals, big and small, and for being an advocate for the critters that couldn’t speak for themselves. Because of her passion for helping animals, Emily aspires to eventually pursue a career as an animal research scientist or a zoologist.

After studying veterinary technology at Heritage Institute, Emily began working in the veterinary field in 2016.  She joined SVS shortly into her career and is loving working with and learning from some of the best specialists in Southwest Florida.

When she’s not working, Emily enjoys spending time with her husband, Mark, and their three fur babies, Hazel, Ratchet and Achilles.  When not with their four-legged babies, they enjoy hanging out with family and friends.