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Corissa Kochakian, CVT

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Corissa Kochakian, CVT

Corissa Kochakian, CVT

ER/ICU Technician


Corissa, or Krissi as known by her friends and co-workers, has been working in the veterinary industry since 2007. Her first vet job was at a small animal and exotics practice where she quickly grew a passion for exotic species (reptiles, birds, small pocket pets).
In 2013, she left that practice to chase her other interest, emergency medicine, and pursue her degree in veterinary technology. She graduated from St. Petersburg College in 2015 and obtained her Veterinary Technician license that same year. She is continuing her education with St. Petersburg College and has almost completed her Bachelors in Veterinary Technology and Certificate of Practice Management. She plans to specialize in emergency medicine after she graduates with a Veterinary Technician Specialty Certification (VTS).
Corissa also works a wildlife rehabilitator in Punta Gorda where she assists in the raising of neonatal mammals and the treatment of many other local species. She often refers to her house as the “local zoo” because she shares her home with several exotic animals including: bearded dragons, leopard geckos, snakes, tarantulas and her not-so-wild house cats.