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Chinee DaFonseca

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Chinee DaFonseca

Chinee DaFonseca

Internal Medicine Nurse


Chinee (pronounced Shanay) is originally from Durban, South Africa.  Her family moved to the United States in 1997 and she has lived in a variety of states and climates.  But so far, Florida is her favorite state.  She says nothing beats wearing shorts and flip flops all year round!

Prior to working at SVS, Chinee volunteered at the Gulf Coast Humane Society which turned into an internship, which then turned into employment.  She stayed with the Humane Society for nearly two years when the opportunity to work for SVS came up.

Chinee is inspired by the veterinary field and the people she works with, not because of the money.  But she enjoys building a relationship and working with the patients and the owners educating them on important matters.

Originally, Chinee intended to practice human medicine, but she quickly realized there is a great need for people willing to be the voice for animals.

Chinee has earned her BS in biology from FGCU and is in the process of applying to vet school.  Her passion for working with animals keeps her motivated to follow her dreams.  One day she will be a veterinarian advocating for those that cannot speak for themselves.