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Alexis Anderson

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Alexis Anderson

Alexis Anderson

ER/ICU Technician


Alexis grew up with animals and has always had a passion for understanding, researching and caring for them when something wasn’t right.  Her love of animals stems from the amount of unconditional love they show to us, so she loves to pay-it-forward the best way she knows how.

Alexis’ love and compassion for helping sick animals started when she began shadowing veterinary technicians nearly two years ago.  That assistance in the vet field strengthened her desire to enroll at FGCU, working toward her bachelor’s degree in biology.  Her goal is to obtain her degree and then advance to veterinary school to earn her DVM.

Originally from Port St. Lucie, FL, Alexis has lived in Fort Myers for over 18 years.  In her free time, she likes to compete in local rodeos and enjoys being out on the beautiful Southwest Florida waters.