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Shadow and His Heart of Gold… or Titanium Alloy

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Shadow and His Heart of Gold… or Titanium Alloy

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Last month, SVS received a call from Shadow Murry’s pet parents that Shadow hadn’t been acting “normal.” Come to find out, Shadow has an abnormally slow heart rate caused by Sick Sinus Syndrome and needed a pacemaker. Shadow and his family drove from New York all the way to Florida to seek care from SVS Cardiologist, Dr. Sarah Scruggs.

Dr. Scruggs and Dr. Cavanaugh inserted the pacemaker using fluoroscopy, which allowed them to introduce the pacemaker lead from a vein in the neck instead of having to open up the chest cavity. They were then able to guide the lead from the vein into the ventricle of the heart (as seen in the picture). The two “pads” on the outside of the chest allowed the doctors to stimulate his heart if it were to stop before the pacemaker was in place. Luckily everything went well, and Shadow pulled through like a champ.

It’s been nearly a month since Shadow received his pacemaker, but as you can see from his happy expression with SVS tech, Kelsey Baker, he is doing great.  He’s back to living a normal healthy life with a little help from his new pacemaker.shadow-kelseyshadow-surgery-2-1shadow-surgery-1