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Animal Rehabilitation

Our hospital has a state-of-the-art rehabilitation unit featuring underwater treadmill therapy and therapeutic ultrasound. All animal rehabilitation at our facility is performed by a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner to ensure your pet’s success.

Physical rehabilitation accelerates recovery and maximizes return to function after orthopedic surgery. We also use physical rehabilitation to improve patients with non-surgical issues. Examples of non-surgical conditions which respond well to therapy include dogs with degenerative myelopathy, chronic osteoarthritis without joint instability, recovery after a stroke or spinal cord injury, and canine weight reduction.

We use both underwater treadmill and terrestrial treadmill therapy depending on the patient’s condition and needs. Water adds buoyancy and allows the patient to walk on the treadmill with less force on the limbs. A lower water level and jets can be used to add resistance to the swing phase of the gait. The added resistance can build muscle mass and strength.

When you bring your pet to SVS for an initial rehabilitation consultation, you will meet with Valerie Webb, RVT, or Jason Eisele, DVM, DACVS our Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners. They will discuss your pet’s medical history and condition as well as the timeline for progression of the dysfunction. They will evaluate your pet for any underlying orthopedic and/or neurologic issues. Initial data will be recorded including the degree of lameness, joint range of motion angles and muscle mass circumference.

Once the exam is complete, our practitioners will recommend a rehabilitation plan and schedule for you and your pet. We will also notify your primary veterinarian of the findings and decision for rehab. In most cases, patients will need to come in for physical rehabilitation sessions at least 2 times per week initially, but the frequency of the sessions will taper off as the pet improves. We also offer rehabilitation 5 days a week for clients that live further or have busier work schedules. Your pet’s success is our primary focus.

If you have any questions regarding the physical rehabilitation program at Specialized Veterinary Services, please contact:

Valerie Webb, RVT, CCRP

We feature both underwater and terrestrial treadmill therapy.

1Underwater treadmill therapy can greatly aid in your pet’s recovery from neurological issues.

2(2)Before we start a rehab program with your pet, a full evaluation is performed.

3(2)We will teach you how to use items that are readily available, so you can continue your pet’s therapy at home.

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