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Holiday Hip Replacement

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Holiday Hip Replacement

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Last month before the Thanksgiving holiday, SVS had the fortunate experience to meet Sue Ann and Claude Ford and their beautiful German Shepard, Jody. Jody came in to see Dr. Eisele for a total hip replacement and the Fords are thrilled with the results.

We are so grateful for this heartfelt letter written by the Fords and sincerely thank them for their kind words!

Claude and I love dogs, especially German Shepherds. We currently own 4 GS’s and 1 old Cocker Spaniel. A few years ago, our large male GS, Czar, was having trouble with his front shoulder. We took him to the Port Charlotte emergency vet and were given a course of medication and rest and the advice that “If it doesn’t get better, see Dr. Jason Eisele, he’s one of the best”. Luckily Czar was fine in a few weeks, but something told me to hold on to Dr. Eisele’s information.

Fast forward a few years, we decided to foster dogs for Southwest Florida German Shepherd Rescue. I was asked to go pick up a small female GS from LaBelle, that we were then going to foster. Jody came to us heartworm positive, petite, and so very sweet. She had what we called a “soft” back end, thinking eventually she’ll be having hip issues. Jody fit so well into our pack that we decided to keep her. Jody is an avid hunter, keeping our yard free of squirrels and those pesky turkey vultures.

Almost a year to the date of her adoption, we noticed that after chasing varmints out of the yard, or playing with her best buddy, she would be severely limping, putting almost no weight on her right hind leg. It was obviously causing much discomfort, she would play for short spurts then sit for longer ones. We took Jody to our local vet that xrayed her and he let us know that both her hips were not looking good but he didn’t think there was anything more that could be done for her.

Three years old and no help, poor Jody. Then I decided to dig out the information I had for Dr. Eisele and made the call. A very thorough intake was done over the phone and we were set up with an appointment right away. When we arrived for our appointment we were so impressed with the people and the facilities. The office is so modern and incredibly clean. Everyone greeted us as soon as we opened the door. The staff is all dressed very professionally which is a great touch.

We were taken to the exam room, and after a short wait we met Dr. Eisele. He examined Jody, palpating her leg and hip. At this time I asked about her x-rays and he told me that he treats the patient not the radio graph. Makes sense. He determined Jody was a good candidate for surgery and discussed a full hip replacement vs. a FHO. Due to Jody’s young age, we decided to go with a full hip replacement.

This is an expensive surgery, we did not have pet insurance, but the office staff gave us an application for Care Credit, which is processed in minutes. Jody stayed a bit longer to have another set of x-rays that Dr. Eisele uses to make very specific measurements so he can order the right size parts for the operation.

We went home and waited for Dr. Eisele to call to set up the surgery date, once he had the new hip parts and a full surgery team available. Surgery was scheduled for 3 weeks out. On surgery day, we packed up Jody, her food, and lots of hugs to hand her off to Dr. Eisele and the SVS staff for the next 10 days. Jody had her surgery that morning and Dr. Eisele called us shortly after completion to let us know that all had gone beautifully.

Jody spent her time there in their ICU unit, and had a team of wonderful nurses. They were kind enough to send pictures of Jody via text messages to me and I was always kept informed of her progress by Dr. Eisele or Jody’s group of nurses. They also encouraged visits, which we did about every 3 days. We were so amazed to see her changes from visit to visit. The first visit she was very medicated yet, not sure if she cared we were there or not. The next visit we walked her outside with a sling, next visit was no sling but a nice foot splint (Jody wanted to turn her toes under after surgery), then our last visit was Jody almost ready to go home, no sling or splint!

I spoke with Dr. Eisele the day before her discharge, we were given some pointers on bringing her home. We have throw rugs all over the place so she won’t slip on our tile floors, a crate set up so she won’t sneak in some play time while we are not home, and we set up a barrier on the lanai so Jody could enjoy some fresh air without having access to outdoor yard play.

To date, this is where we are. We can’t wait for Jody to be all healed and back to full play. We can’t thank everyone at SVS enough for all the love, care, compassion and support they have given to not only Jody but us too. I say that if I ever need a hip replacement I want it done at SVS!

We hope the word gets out about Dr. Eisele, SVS, and what they can do to help our pets lead a full and pain free life. I was surprised our local vet didn’t know to refer us and through many dog groups on Face Book, we learned there are so very many owners that don’t know about these types of surgeries and services.

-Sue and Claude Ford
and of course Jody!